Kassandra Mare Hotel Chalkidiki Greece

Check in time & policies




Early Arrivals & Late Departures
If you expect to arrive early in the day and would like immediate access to your room, we recommend booking the room for the prior night to guarantee immediate access. Similarly, for late departures, reserving an additional night will guarantee access to your guest room until you depart. If you choose not to reserve, we will be glad to store your bags and make our fitness facilities available for you to freshen up.

Guaranteed Reservations and Deposits
At Kassandra Mare Hotel & Spa hotel , a guaranteed reservation assures you of a room even if you check in late (after 6:00 pm). If a room is not available, we will arrange your accommodation in another hotel at our expense, and provide transportation to and from our hotel as reasonable. All reservations made through the web site must be paied by a major credit card.

Cancelation Policy
Cancellations for a guest room reservation must be received at least 30 days prior to the expected day of arrival. Policies may differ by arrival date and room type. If cancellation of a guaranteed reservation is not received by the required date, the hotel will charge for accommodation based on the expected date of arrival and room type. For at least the one third of the nights that originaly booked only if the bookikg exeeds the three nights. If the booking is for less than three night the cancelation charge will be for the whole booking.

For certain periods of time may apply certain cancelation policies.

Credit and Depit Cards
Visa, MasterCard