Kassandra Mare Hotel Chalkidiki Greece

Pet Friendly Regulations

If you have a pet with you, before booking please contact the hotel.

Kassandra Mare Hotel and Spa Club recognizes that pets are considered part of our guests’ family. The hotel is designated as pet friendly, and welcomes cats and dogs.

  • • Proper medical certification specifying that all vaccinations are up to date must be available upon request.
    • Pets must be on a controllable leash at all times when outside the guest room.
    • Pet may not be left unattended in your room. However, if you leave the premises of the hotel with your pet unattended in the room, the pet must be in a crate or pet carrier while you are gone.
    • Pets may stay unattended in your room provided they are not destructive and are quiet. A continuous barking dog or meowing cat is bothersome to our other guests and can not be tolerated.
    • Pets are not allowed in the public areas of the hotel such as the food service areas.
    • Please make sure that your pet is not a threat for other quests.
    • Please understand that not all quests are animal friendly.
    • Guests can walk their pets in all areas in the hotel grounds and are responsible for picking up after their pet in and around the hotel at all times.
    • Housekeeping Service—the pet must be removed from the room prior to housekeeping service or other arrangements must be made with hotel management.
    • You will be held liable for any damage that may occur by your pet. Pet owners are liable for any damages that may occur.
    • We take special precautions to make sure pet rooms are free from any pest infestation. Please make sure your pet is pest-free prior to arrival.
    • Pet owners are responsible for the feeding and watering of their pet. The hotel can provide freshly cooked food especially for your pet with the finest ingredients at an extra charge. Please contact the hotel management.
    • Please do not approach the hotels designated dog Kennel area with your pet.